Semi-Fictional Character of the Day #day2

February 18, 2014

‘The Semi-Fictional Character of the Day’ is a joint, one-month project by Louiza Mallouri and Constantinos Xenofontos. Constantinos will be sketching a semi-fictional figure every day, and Louiza will be writing an accompanying storyline, as inspired by that character. The aim of this project is to explore the way two semiotic systems, the visual and the linguistic, interact and complement each other to tell a story.

Semi-fictional character of the day #day 1

It had been a long day. She remembered when she first started teaching. Young, full of energy and enthusiasm. She was making a difference. She felt it. As the children’s faces lit up when learning took place, she knew it. This was it. But years passed by, reducing her work to chasing a measurable meaninglessness. Exploration, experimentation and play gave their place to a mundane box ticking. Mindless school reformers, superficial curriculum objectives, parents in pursuit of high marks, uninterested students. Depleted, disillusioned, confused. She looked at the empty desks and chairs, as she was preparing to lock the class. This wasn’t it.


  • Motunrayo

    Very true. I agree with her. Learning/schooling these days is now based on getting high marks either by hook or by crook or by cramming. Most students just want the certificates for future jobs and are not passionate about learning just for the fun of it. They want the fast method of learning which is by paying cash to have high marks and not reading or sweating for it, forgetting the fact that leaders are readers and it’s a shame, most parents are supporting their kids through this medium of learning.

    • Motunrayo

      *readers are leaders

      • Louiza

        Motunrayo, I absolutely agree with what you say! This is a reality, but I still believe that we have teachers around us (doesn’t have to be the conventional sense) who have the ability to infuse us with the love of learning!

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