Semi-Fictional Character of the Day #day3

February 19, 2014

‘The Semi-Fictional Character of the Day’ is a joint, one-month project by Louiza Mallouri and Constantinos Xenofontos. Constantinos will be sketching a semi-fictional figure every day, and Louiza will be writing an accompanying storyline, as inspired by that character. The aim of this project is to explore the way two semiotic systems, the visual and the linguistic, interact and complement each other to tell a story.

semi-fictional character day3

I just stand and stare. Striped t-shirt, short pants, flip flops… Heart’s on my sleeve. I smile uncomfortably, struggling, filling the awkward pause with ‘I am happy for you’ forced comments and wishes. So many things I’d like to ask: when and how and why. And what am I? My old soul is a million pieces, trapped within this young body. You smile back, sincerely, warmly. I nod. ‘It’s still light,’ I say, ‘Let’s go shoot some hoops.’


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