Semi-Fictional Character of the Day #day22

March 10, 2014

‘The Semi-Fictional Character of the Day’ is a joint, one-month project by Louiza Mallouri and Constantinos Xenofontos. Constantinos will be sketching a semi-fictional figure every day, and Louiza will be writing an accompanying storyline, as inspired by that character. The aim of this project is to explore the way two semiotic systems, the visual and the linguistic, interact and complement each other to tell a story.

semi-fictional character day22

It was beautiful back in the village. It was calm and peaceful. But the silence was overpowering sometimes and people would snoop, snitch and gossip. My landlady was the biggest gossiper of all; whenever she would hear some new juicy gossip, she would raise her eyebrows, her eyes would lit up with devilish glee and off she would go to spread the news. Make no mistake though, she was a skilled professional, she knew how to stir up trouble and disrupt people lives unobtrusively. I guess you could say that it ran in the family: her own grandmother and mother would casually ruin people’s weddings and families overnight.


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