Semi-Fictional Character of the Day #day24

March 12, 2014

‘The Semi-Fictional Character of the Day’ is a joint, one-month project by Louiza Mallouri and Constantinos Xenofontos. Constantinos will be sketching a semi-fictional figure every day, and Louiza will be writing an accompanying storyline, as inspired by that character. The aim of this project is to explore the way two semiotic systems, the visual and the linguistic, interact and complement each other to tell a story.

semi-fictional character day24

Friday afternoon, on duty:  I was called for roadside assistance. A young woman was waiting outside her red fiat 500.
-Thank you so much for coming! My battery died right after I called. I really needed to talk to someone.
-What seems to be the problem?
-I was just heading to my boyfriend’s place. We were supposed to view an apartment today-we had decided to move in together. Not so sure about it now… Isn’t this like a sign?
-I meant with the car… Did the engine just stopped? Was there a warning light on?
-Yes, some warnings…You know when someone talks and they seem lifeless, like they are not excited about life anymore? Like life has been sucked out of them and they always look bored?
-Well, my cat acts like that sometimes.
-Isn’t it the worst?!
-It is… And my cat is pretty grumpy too. And stubborn.
-…My boyfriend is very catlike, I guess.


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