Semi-Fictional Character of the Day #day15

March 3, 2014

‘The Semi-Fictional Character of the Day’ is a joint, one-month project by Louiza Mallouri and Constantinos Xenofontos. Constantinos will be sketching a semi-fictional figure every day, and Louiza will be writing an accompanying storyline, as inspired by that character. The aim of this project is to explore the way two semiotic systems, the visual and the linguistic, interact and complement each other to tell a story.

semi-fictional character day15 (2)

I am working night shift. A party of 4 has a reservation on my section. They are seated by the hostess and I wait by to get their order.
-Good evening guys. How are you today?
-Can I get a steak with green vegetables and mushed peas?
-And can I get the same but with asparagus and green salad?
-Of course.
-I will have the pepperoni pizza.
-Is that the 8 or the 11 inches one?
-What’s bigger.
-Why can’t I find the curry chicken option?
-Oh that’s because it’s on the lunch menu.
-Well, can’t you do it now?
-I am afraid not, madame, but why don’t you try the spice chicken, that’s a similar option I think you will enjoy!
-Can you ask the chef whether he can make the curry chicken now?
-I can definitely ask that for you. Any drinks?
-A bottle of water.
-Thank you, I will be with you in a few moments.
Curry chicken is not an option tonight, so the lady half-heartedly settles for the spice chicken.
By the time I put the order in, they cancel the pepperoni pizza, they want to share the steak and asparagus should be replaced with broccoli. I bring the food out and check back after a while and they all seem to be enjoying the dishes.Towards the end of the evening I carry a slice of cheesecake to the table and sing, as instructed, happy birthday. They all join in. One of these days I will set this restaurant on fire.


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