Summer Blues

July 28, 2014

Endings. For me they always happen in the summer. I was born in the summer and although this period brings out my sunny nature, it also awakens my melancholic disposition.

New scenaria are pulling me to different directions and, suddenly, I somehow feel less fearless than I used to. Less animated. I talk less. I listen more. I question all my choices, my innate positivity disappears and under the big round sun, I am afraid I cannot shine anymore. Because I fear of things I can’t even define. And then it hits me: what if the world isn’t really my oyster and there are no shiny pearls but muddy, rainy mess everywhere?

 I am always looking for answers. And I have often looked for them in improbable places: people, books, stars, substances. And right when I need a sign, I look at the time it’s just 11:13, the lights are red and I always catch my favourite song on the radio when it’s about to end.

I cannot blame the universe for not giving me the answers I need in a fortune cookie. I know that. I also know that the best books do not give you answers; they invite you to ask more questions. Better questions. And I slowly realise that I have responsibility for the questions I am asking.

Sometimes asking the right questions is the answer.

Summer blues. Illustration by Lauren Child for the book The Princess and the Pea, 2006

Blue. Illustration by Lauren Child for the book The Princess and the Pea, 2006


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